Invited to teach sewing workshops in Zambia!

I recently got back in touch with a very dear and close friend from another lifetime.  Turns out my friend, Heather Cumming, is the executive director for SSAAP, Simwatachela Sustainable Agriculture and Arts Program, and has been living back and forth from Zambia, Sierra Leone and Colorado.  She's a pretty bad ass woman, running a non-profit helping to bring fresh water to remote villages and promoting the local artists work in Africa and also back in the states.  Not only does she do this but she also raises an amazing little girl named Radiance who has had the opportunity to grow up inside this life.  


ssaap simwatachela sustainable agriculture and arts program

SSAAP's mission: To alleviate starvation by securing a sustainable water source; helping to promote sustainable agriculture and nutrition, as well as promoting empowerment through income-generating activities rooted in selling surplus products of indigenous artisans and community groups.

Heather invited me to visit Simwatachela to teach sewing skill building workshops to the village woman.  Since there is no electricity it will mostly be hand sewing, unless of course someone is fortunate to have their own hand-crank machine.  Sewing is a basic need, to mend children's school clothes, and even to make a little extra money selling their wares at market so they can buy food to feed their family.  Life is hard and the country is going through even harder economic times than usual.  Inflation is making it quite hard to afford much and everything gets squeezed even tighter.  

So, I am super excited to help contribute to what Heather has started, and to empower those looking to sustain their lives.  This is just the type of project I built Fabric Horse to do. 

More info to come, when I'm going and how you can help!

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