About | Fabric Horse | Lock Holsters, Utility Belts, Bags | Philadelphia, PA

Our Mission.

From your everyday life to your epic adventures, our mission is to outfit you with quality, distinctive, and rugged goods you can rely on. We manufacture industrial strength products made with durable materials built to last. Fabric Horse pushes the boundaries of artisanal manufacturing by daring people to expand their imaginations and become more mindful consumers. Our ethically conscious products infuse the beauty of functional utility into your everyday life. Be bold. Love deeply. Howl often.

Handcrafted | Fabric Horse has pioneered a return to quality, handcrafted workmanship with an original line of multifunctional soft goods since 2003.  

Sustainable | At Fabric Horse, we are dedicated to sustainable design and manufacturing with all our products handmade in Philadelphia. Our materials have been chosen with sustainability in mind, from junkyard salvaged seat belts to recycled yoga mats. We are currently researching new, more sustainable and yet still suitable materials for your rugged outdoor use. 

Versatile | While our line began out of self-necessity within the cyclist community, over the past decade our products have proven valuable to countless professions and lifestyles for work, travel, and the everyday. 

Vegan | Our completely vegan product line includes utility belts, tote bags, backpacks, and a collection of original accessories. We are the originators of the Lock Holster and are pretty proud of that.  

Fabric Horse maintains a standard of quality that ensures our products are built to last.  We love what we create, and we know that you will too.  Thank you for supporting small independent companies!